Tutorial Royal Mosquito Net

Yes! The Royal Mosquito Net is in! But how do you assemble it? No worries, in this video we show you how to assemble this beautiful mosquito net in your kids room and how to make it look pretty and royal. No time to view the video? Read the instructions below:
  1. The crown has a hole on one side and a piece that is sticking out on the other. Stick the piece that is sticking out, through the hole on the other side.
  2. The ring is folded and hold together by two tie-wraps. Cut the tie-wraps and unfold the ring.
  3. Grap the net and hold it by the two long ribbons at the top. Turn the net inside out. You can see a thicker part on the net. On this thicker part, you'll find ribbons. Tie all these ribbons around the ring. Turn the net inside out again.
  4. Place the crown over the ribbons.
  5. Application: Push the hook through the hole in the disk, turn it 90 degrees and pull it back. Optional: drill holes in the ceiling, use the disk to measure the right distance between the holes, place plugs in ceiling.
  6. Remove the top layer of the sticker and stick the sticker on the top of the disk - avoid the holes - & press hard. Remove the top layer of the sticker and stick the disk to the ceiling - if you drilled holes in the ceiling, make sure you place the disk correctly onto the ceiling by placing the holes of the disk right under the holes of the ceiling and screw the screws into the plugs -.
  7. Press hard onto the disk to make sure the disk stays attached to the ceiling.
  8. Hang the mosquito net onto the hook.
  9. Use the ribbons provided to tie parts of the mosquito net together to create an opening.
  10. Decorate the mosquito net with the stars - use the ribbons on the ring and on the sides of the net to attach them -.
Your Royal Mosquito Net is ready!
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