Diner Set - Small

Diner Set - Small

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So much mess, even more laundry and so little time. This small diner set will help you out. The  plate sticks to the table*, so no more kicking it over or chucking it on the floor. The plate has a cute little animal face on it, which makes it fun for the kids to eat from it. The items can be rinsed or even placed in the dishwasher and the silicon cutlery is great for teething kids! Win-win-win! 

Now available in cute pastel colours. Great to combine with the other diner set items. Perfect as a present and definitely a musthave for every parent. Pick your favourite(s)!

Colours of the plates from top to bottom: 
- Blue 
- Light Pink
- Crème
- Mustard 
- Pumpkin 
- Army Green 
- Purple

*the plate only sticks to the table if the surface is completely flat and clean, press in the middle of the plate to stick.

Details: bpa free | pvc free | phthalate free | dishwasher safe

Includes: 1 plate | 1 fork | 1 spoon


Cutlery: length 14 cm