Giftbox Boat S

Giftbox Boat S

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The perfect combination of gifts for parents with kids from all ages. The beautiful soft tone swaddle is a must for everyone. It can be used as a towel, a burp cloth, as a changing table cover or as a blanket. 

The cute bib with little boats on it, will make it fun for kids to wear. This silicon bib is so easy in use: you can wipe it clean, rinse it off or even place it in the dishwasher after use, which means: less laundry! And even better: the large pocket will catch all the food that is dropped.

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Details bib: very soft and strechable material | the 6 holes at the back of the bib make it adjustable and therefore suitable for different ages
Includes: 1 rainbow swaddle aqua colour & 1 bib boat as shown in picture & giftbox & card

Swaddle: cotton 
Bib: silicagel

Swaddle: length 120 cm | width 120 cm
Bib: length 30 cm | width 22 cm, neck adjusts between 31 - 37 cm
Giftbox: length 31 cm | width 26 cm | height 8 cm